Pembroke College Cambridge

The Time and The Place

Pembroke's Campaign for the redevelopment of the Mill Lane site

This is a completely unique moment for Pembroke: a re-foundation of the College, after six hundred and seventy years of history and distinction.

Pembroke College’s mission is to bring together the brightest students, from the broadest range of backgrounds; to nurture outstanding research; to provide the very best educational opportunities; and by doing so to help to make a difference to the world. We embark now on our The Time and the Place campaign in order to fulfil these aims. We want to ensure that we can offer future generations of students, both undergraduates and postgraduates, the very best facilities and opportunities for their education. Pembroke wants to be a place where they can learn, discover, create, discuss, test ideas, and find inspiration. We want to be at the forefront of providing the highest quality of learning space and community environment possible. Our ambition, quite simply, is to be the best place to learn, to study, and to research.

At present we are bursting at the seams; we need more space and better facilities. And we now have a unique opportunity to make this a reality. We have the chance to create an extraordinary development directly opposite Pembroke, along the south side of Mill Lane. Land is precious in the city, and the opportunity to purchase and develop such a significant site as an extension to the College’s medieval heart gives us the prospect of the greatest change for Pembroke in 650 years. It’s a chance that won’t come again. For the latest news about the Campaign, please visit The Time and The Place mini site:

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